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Our mission is simple: help our community get healthy and stay healthy through the innovative use of data and technology.

MHIN began in 1998 as a secure central data repository of personal health histories and as a safe and efficient method to share that information with doctors, nurses, rehab facilities, and other caregivers. Access to this information through advanced technology and data sharing models would allow them to quickly provide the necessary and correct treatment for their patients. Today, we’re able to use even more innovative technology to bring information and insights in unprecedented forms to the healthcare community so they can better serve their patients and clients– and improve the health of the entire community.

Today we’re helping other communities help patients

Our community is one of the most connected healthcare regions in the United States. As national leaders in the Health Information Exchange industry, MHIN assists health organizations throughout the Midwest to connect to other healthcare providers and service agencies to provide better care. Organizations across the healthcare spectrum – from hospitals to specialty groups to medical labs to social service providers – find invaluable caregiving solutions in MHIN’s diverse service platform.

Our focus is on taking an innovative, data-driven approach to serving the health needs of the entire community, from medical practitioners to patients. So we uphold the highest levels of compassion, service, and a commitment to wellness by making available information that helps people live a long, healthy life.

A person’s health is a private matter. So, we strive to protect their privacy by maintaining the strictest, HIPAA-compliant security controls over all the data we collect and store. And, we continually update our security protocols to ensure patient privacy and confidentiality. Our HIE accreditation through the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) ensures our commitment to your privacy is always a top priority.

We make data accessible to appropriate caregivers so they can provide the correct, necessary treatment for individual patients. With up-to-date records, they have the information they need to deliver better care and improve the health of the entire community.

Caring for the health of others is a calling, and one we don’t take lightly. By sharing the data we have available with hospitals, treatment centers, and service organizations, we can help others stay in the best of health.

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