HIE (Health Information Exchange)

Pulmonary & Critical Care Associates

The Pulmonary & Critical Care Associates team now performs more efficiently with increased uptime and robust policies and procedures to increase positive patient experiences, thanks to MHIN's Health IT Consulting services.

The Medical Foundation

The foundational partnership between MHIN and The Medical Foundation is the cornerstone to the success and strength of our nationally renowned Health Information Exchange. With readily available medical insights on patients, health trends, relevant medical histories, and more, physicians are better prepared to make informed decisions on care for each patient.

South Bend Clinic

Today, the cultivation of the Health Radar solution at SBC is invaluable to their care management team. Through a partnership with MHIN, the patient experience is improved, and the community can collectively focus on reduction of preventable readmissions to the hospital.

Upcoming MHIN Webinar: “Top 3 Tips to Enrich your MHIN View Experience”

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A Successful Milestone in the Heartland Could Advance HIE Interoperability Nationwide

Three health information exchanges (HIEs) that are part of a larger pilot to develop and test a “Patient Centered Data Home,” hit a major milestone …

MHIN Awarded Federal Dollars for Innovative Data Sharing Efforts

  MHIN Awarded Federal Dollars for Innovative Data Sharing Efforts   MHIN will work with national and regional partners to create a “Network of Networks” so …

SHIEC member HIEs launch Patient-Centered Data Home (PCDH) initiative to improve patient care

Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC) members Arizona Health-e Connection (AzHeC), Quality Health Network (QHN) in western Colorado, and Utah-based(UHIN) have come together to pilot …

2 Graphics That Explain Healthcare Information Exchange Perfectly

  THE CHALLENGE A world without Health Information Exchange is messy. Without connecting providers and clinical resources, healthcare is costly and inefficient. This causes delays …

9 Easy Definitions of Health Information Exchange

  We understand – Health Information Exchange is a mouthful. Fortunately, it’s actually quite simple to understand in noun-form. A Health Information Exchange (HIE) is …

New Partnership Allows for Docs in Michigan and Indiana to Exchange Patient Data

MHIN and Michigan Health Connect Partnership Allows for Docs in Michigan and Indiana to Exchange Patient Data