HIE (Health Information Exchange)

Pulmonary & Critical Care Associates

The Pulmonary & Critical Care Associates team now performs more efficiently with increased uptime and robust policies and procedures to increase positive patient experiences, thanks to MHIN's Health IT Consulting services.

Indiana HIEs unify to better meet the needs of the state’s healthcare community

Indiana HIEs unify to better meet the needs of the state’s healthcare community Indiana Health Information Exchange and Michiana Health Information Network consolidate to form …

The Medical Foundation

The foundational partnership between MHIN and The Medical Foundation is the cornerstone to the success and strength of our nationally renowned Health Information Exchange. With readily available medical insights on patients, health trends, relevant medical histories, and more, physicians are better prepared to make informed decisions on care for each patient.

South Bend Clinic

Today, the cultivation of the Health Radar solution at SBC is invaluable to their care management team. Through a partnership with MHIN, the patient experience is improved, and the community can collectively focus on reduction of preventable readmissions to the hospital.

MHIN Data Contributors

By contributing data into MHIN's community repository, healthcare professionals from around Michiana are able to see progress notes and outcomes for patients to coordinate care. MHIN hosts and fortifies the patients’ community record for all MHIN-user clinicians to use to improve care and patient safety.

The Ultimate List of Statistics that Showcase MHIN

2018 STATISTICS SHOWCASE 55, 000,000+  total transactions 41,200,000+ inbound data transactions 4,735 average active users using MHIN 4,200,000+ total patient records 15,089+ clinical charts accessed …

4 Major Priorities for MHIN in 2018

(#1) Preparing to lead in new federal projects toward national interoperability. Through the Office of National Coordinator in coordination with the goals set forth in …

Interview with Chief Architect David Navarro on Interoperability and Innovation

Our Chief Architect, David Navarro, reflects on his experience transforming a broad vision of Patient Centered Data Home into a successful national pilot of a Network of Networks across HIEs in five states of the Heartland.

Top 9 Accomplishments of MHIN in 2017

(1) Strengthened MHIN’s security posture through continual enhancements in technology and staff education.   (2) Explored innovation in user access to MHIN data as a …

MHIN Overview