MHIN Community View

A Whole New World

Open up your whole world — and improve patient care and care coordination while you’re at it. Accessing your patient’s medical histories through MHIN Community View will give you the ability to make the most informed, advanced clinical decisions possible. Powered by our mature Health Information Exchange filled with more than 1.7 million secure records.



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MHIN Community View is your CLOUD-BASED connection to critical clinical data

• See your patients’ hospital and laboratory interactions in real-time

• All clinical interactions from 3,000 regional providers available

• MHIN’s secure data storage ensures maximum security and privacy

• Linked to public health and national query-based exchanges

• Linked to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs VLER data

• Accessible on any computer or device with Internet access

• Discrete clinical data is made available in the Cloud

• Live, local customer service available 24/7




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