Secure access to reliable, pertinent, and timely patient information

Break down internal silos of information and alleviate costs associated with health information exchange and population health services so you can focus on what matters most—caring for your patients and clients. And it’s all managed within a secure, HIPAA-compliant framework.

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Data Contribution

We partner with healthcare providers, accountable care organizations, and social service agencies to obtain information such as EHR data, CCDs, lab results, eRX, service data, and many others. This information forms the foundation of our data-rich platform.

We strategically work with our partners to integrate current systems to make it easy to ingest data in any format.


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Community Data Repository and Platform

The data we collect then gets stored, aggregated, and normalized as a single source of truth in our person-centric data warehouse called the Community Data Repository (CDR). With over one million lives represented, the MHIN CDR allows a provider caring for an individual to immediately access valuable historical – and often critical – information on that person’s health through a variety of solutions and applications.

And we do so with security in place to protect patient privacy.

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Healthcare Data Applications

We work with our partners to determine what surface data application or solution will enable them to access vital health information for their patients and clients. All information is exchanged with high-level security in place to protect each individual’s privacy.

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Making Data Meaningful

There’s a single driving force behind everything we do: boosting the health of our entire community.

It’s why we serve as a trusted, secure, accessible health intelligence hub. Doing so allows us to provide valuable insight to all those focused on healthcare, healthy lifestyles, and managing or restoring people’s health.

We can organize information and toolsets so that they benefit distinct audiences, such as ER teams, surgical facilities, rehabilitation centers, care management teams, and hospice. Even social service organizations helping clients with transportation, housing, and other human resources can benefit from our information solutions.

It allows us to spot developing health trends, like how often diabetics in a specific age group are going to the Emergency Room, what environmental and social factors may be contributing to our infant mortality rates, or where access to care and services is limited. This enables those providing care for such individuals to work together to design data informed strategies for effective intervention and prevention plans.

By giving meaning to the data, we can help everyone enjoy better health and receive better care.

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