(#1) Preparing to lead in new federal projects toward national interoperability. Through the Office of National Coordinator in coordination with the goals set forth in the 21st Century Cures Act, MHIN is positioned to facilitate the establishment of a trusted exchange framework to share health data between health information networks across the country.


(#2) Ramping up efforts to increase local use of population health and analytics tools. MHIN will continue to encourage the use of our HealtheIntent platform and expand the development of data analytics services for our regional partners.


(#3) Creating focus-driven work groups among our Board of Directors. Highly focused work groups will strengthen the development of relationships and activities related to population health initiatives and research. MHIN will further explore partnership opportunities in health disparity and population health research with local and federal institutions.


(#4) Enriching the data in the central repository. MHIN will continue efforts to expose the benefits of integrated electronic data exchange to regional providers. MHIN will engage in a continual process of fortifying privacy and security protocols.



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