How were you involved with the Heartland Project?
As the Chief Data Architect for MHIN, it is my job to design the technical requirements around new workflows involving data travelling through MHIN HIE environment. I believe this project is a great fit for our organization because it furthers our mission of connecting healthcare providers and service agencies to provide better care. We are also able to leverage our years of experience in implementing data standards such as HL7 v2, HL7 CDA, and IHE connectivity protocols.

What was the best part about working on this project?
By far the best part of the project was the collaboration between different HIEs. It was interesting to hear that most other HIEs are tackling similar issues such as data format conformance, data codification conformance, and patient identity assignment issues.

How do you see PCDH expanding in the future?
I think that PCDH is a great first step in sharing data across larger geographic regions. Current routing is based upon static list of ZIP codes supplied by the home HIEs. In the future I see routing of alerts occurring at a more granular level. Routing will be determined by the individual Health Care Organizations. Providers will be able to choose specific patient populations to receive alerts for. Querying for clinical data will be less dependent on receiving a patient alert and manually performing a query for clinical data. The process for querying data will be based on matching patients to a centralized MPI service and cross referencing that information with clinical repository endpoints in order to retrieve lifesaving clinical data.

What motivates you to work hard for MHIN’s mission?
MHIN has always been fluid organization that’s not afraid to change directions and adopt new technology in order to meet industry trends and client needs. This constant change and adoption of the latest technology creates a great foundation for team synergy. It makes me want to move our team forward to discover the next greatest HIE solution.



David Navarro joined MHIN in 2004 and currently serves as Chief Data Architect. He brings over 18 years of Healthcare IT Industry experience to MHIN. As the Chief Data Architect, David provides an end-to-end strategic vision and technical expertise for translating logical design into data solutions that align with core Health Information Exchange principles. David holds a Bachelors of Business Administration, Management Information Systems from Texas Tech University. In his downtime David loves to travel and also take care of his extraordinarily smart dog Buddy. Connect with David on LinkedIn or email him.