MHIN Awarded Federal Dollars for Innovative Data Sharing Efforts


MHIN will work with national and regional partners to create a “Network of Networks” so healthcare information can travel electronically across state lines throughout Midwest.



SOUTH BEND, INDIANA –  South Bend-based Health Information Technology company MHIN (Michiana Health Information Network, pronounced MIN) has been selected to receive a share of $1.5 million “High Impact Pilot” grant dollars released by the Department of Health and Human Services this week.


Alongside national and regional partners in “The Heartland Project,” MHIN will create and test a concept called Patient Center Data Home. A Patient Centered Data Home will assign patients to a home Health Information Exchange (HIE) so linked-in HIEs in the Midwest can both alert the home HIE when a patient presents for care outside their area and retrieve clinical information for the treatment team.


Access to critical information like prescriptions, allergies, blood type, and chronic conditions can make the difference between life or death in an emergency situation. When medical records cannot be found quickly, quality emergency care is made more difficult– especially when patients are traveling across state lines or outside of their home community.


Having a home base for medical records will make it so a patient who lives in South Bend, spends summers in Michigan, and is having an emergency while on a business trip in Kentucky will have her complete health record available to the treatment team in Tennessee. Likewise, information about the encounter in Tennessee will be shared with MHIN’s Health Information Exchange to be made available to the home providers. To share the important health record data, MHIN will securely link up its 1.78 million health records to four additional Health Information Exchanges across the Midwest to create a larger “Network of Networks.”


MHIN and partner organizations will share the $270-thousand-dollar project award for the 12-month effort. If this pilot project is successful, it could transform the way health records and alerts are shared nationally.




  • National – Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC)
  • Indiana – Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE)
  • Indiana – HealthLINC of Bloomington
  • Indiana and Michigan – Michiana Health Information Network (MHIN)
  • Kentucky – The Kentucky Health Information Exchange (KHIE)
  • Michigan – Great Lakes Health Connect (GLHC)
  • Ohio – The Health Collaborative
  • Tennessee – East Tennessee Health Information Network (etHIN)





Kelly Hahaj, CEO – MHIN


“We are excited to work with these partners to advance healthcare data exchange within Indiana and other states in our region.  Each of our organizations is successfully exchanging healthcare data with providers in our own communities.  It makes sense that the next evolution is to connect our Networks to enable a person’s medical information to be available whenever and wherever care occurs, appropriately and securely.”





As an Indiana based not-for-profit Health Information Exchange (HIE) MHIN turns data into insights to improve health for our families, neighbors, and friends by connecting our healthcare community. MHIN is one of the oldest and most successful health information exchanges and healthcare information technology organizations in the United States. Since 1998, MHIN has been committed to providing secure, timely delivery of relevant clinical information through a number of technology and communication solutions that work to streamline secure access to data to improve quality and reduce costs.


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