Core values are the shared beliefs that unite employees and define our company. As an organization on the leading edge of an always changing industry, it’s important our team remains committed to our central values in our daily work practices and decision making.

The guiding principles that support our relationships with each other, our partners, and our projects are:

  • Privacy and Security – Be mindful in the handling of patient information and network access.
  • Patient Centered – Connect your work to how it contributes to patient care
  • Quality – Leverage skills and talents to deliver excellence.
  • Compassion – Commit to being empathetic toward the challenges of clients, patients, and coworkers.
  • Collaboration – Lend and borrow each other’s strengths to complete tasks and achieve results.
  • Respect – Expect our personal and professional interactions to show consideration for ourselves and others.

MHIN team members regularly work on projects and make presentations to the whole staff on topics related to core values. Through the work of the internal Core Values committee, MHIN has incorporated integrated core values into all work we do, including employee performance reviews, meetings, and our fun shoutout board where employees are given kudos and awards for show commitment to core values.