11,000+ Veterans in our region now have the option to electronically share health records with their entire care team for faster results.

A full 75% of all Veterans who use the VA also use community care providers. MHIN linked up with the VA to make it possible for MHIN Community View users to access their patients’ VA health records with a quick click of a button at no extra charge.

Sharing electronic health records will help reduce the need for patients and families to carry records between health care providers. Through “Connect Your Docs,” both the VA and the designated participating community care providers can securely access and share information about allergies, chronic health problems, medications, some lab results and more. This will also eliminate or reduce the likelihood of repeat tests and procedures which could save time and improve the speed of care.

As an extra layer of privacy, Veterans must provide consent to share their VA records across health systems and only select health information is made available by community health providers. Community health partners do not have access to mental health records or diagnoses.

For more information or to direct your Veteran patients to authorize consent, visit the VA website.