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Providing a secure data repository and electronic network for sharing information and improving healthcare

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Our HIE and integration services help you deliver care efficiently with minimal disruption to your existing workflows and optimal connection to your patients.

Intuitive Platform

Sharing and accessing patient-focused health records and other information through our Clinical Data Repository is a simple and secure process with our diverse, user-friendly platform. Connect through our portal or directly through your own EHR system. Our exchange protocols follow all of the latest industry standards including HL7, CCD Exchange, Direct Messaging, and more.

Improves Physician Experience

With readily available medical insights on patients, health trends, relevant medical histories, and more, physicians are better prepared to make informed decisions on care for each patient.

Focus on Patient

By securely storing and sharing patient health information, we can help improve the speed, safety, cost, and quality of care patients receive.


HIE Benefits

  • Community Data Repository includes Longitudinal patient charts
  • Integrated with 14 years of patient history
  • Receive data directly into your EHR workflow
  • Bidirectional integration capabilities
  • Interface with over 60 different EHRs
  • On-site personalized implementation support
  • 24/7 front-line help desk support

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Better Access to Patient Information Means Better Care

Improving the health of Indiana and Michigan residents benefits everyone living here.

That’s been our focus since MHIN began, and has always been at the core of what we do. It’s our mission to provide integrated, confidential, and secure access to patient information through a variety of HIE services.

And it’s why we developed our core applications to provide an efficient, timely way for clinicians and institutions to appropriately exchange information and facilitate high-quality, coordinated care.

Today, organizations across the healthcare spectrum – from hospitals, to specialty groups, to medical labs and diagnostic centers – find care solutions by accessing our diverse service platform. Our systems and services help healthcare providers build longitudinal, person-centered health records complete with past history, current medications, and other vital information.

Through our mature HIE platform, we’re also able to provide analytical insights that benefit the healthcare community. These insights provide a better understanding of the overall population health, from admission rate statistics to increases in those with certain conditions, and other medical trends. Having this knowledge can lead to improved care and highly focused treatment programs for patients. Learn more about our Population Health and Analytics services.

Customer Success Story

"Our transitions of care initiatives would not be as successful without the MHIN Health Radar solution. MHIN was dedicated to our vision and worked tirelessly to ensure that the technology could work at its optimal level, informing us of urgent hospital encounters in real time. The result is a care management program we are proud of—one where we can truly say that our patients and their immediate needs are our top priority."

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