Pulmonary & Critical Care Associates is an exemplary specialty practice focused on diagnosing and healing disorders of the lungs. Like many specialty practices, Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates operate with a small, dedicated staff. It is often difficult for clinical staff to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology – they need to focus on what is truly important: patient care.

With a new Electronic Health Records (EHR) software in the works, Dr. Matthew Koscielski and his staff began to see more issues related to network connectivity – sometimes the issues would leave the network and access to patient records down for hours at a time. The disruptions in connectivity threatened the staff’s ability to provide the optimal care they knew their patient’s deserved. Dr. Koscielski realized his practice needed a technology refresh and reached out to MHIN for help.

“As a leader in Healthcare IT, MHIN understands the importance of patient care and knows how IT affects it.” MHIN experts found a solution to the problem immediately. Once Pulmonary & Critical Care Associates hired MHIN, the team reduced lost connectivity response times to under one hour. They found and solved several issues related to the connectivity issues at hand and additional outage problems.

Now, MHIN provides general IT consulting services and has implemented optimal Security Standards to ensure patient records are safe and protected under their new EHR. Dr. Matthew Koscielski and his team perform more efficiently with increased uptime and robust policies and procedures to increase positive patient experiences: “We rely on the MHIN team to help us pave the way to great healthcare. Their customer support team responds quickly and always thinks ahead to address concerns before they become problems.”