South Bend Clinic

Since inception in 1916, the South Bend Clinic (SBC) has uniquely served the Michiana community with comprehensive primary and specialty care services. As they have grown over the years to an organization with now over 600 providers and staff members at multiple locations, SBC has maintained their unwavering commitment to patient care through the use of cutting edge technology.

An independent leader in community care coordination, SBC rose to the occasion in 2015 by implementing an innovative system to support their patients’ transitions of care that would be powered by the convergence of humans and technology. With a sincere interest in putting their patients first, this transitions of care model went beyond the industry standard and pushed technology’s boundaries to establish an automated alert system with unprecedented layers of intelligence.

Through their partnership with MHIN, SBC was able to work with the MHIN development team to create a version of Health Radar, MHIN’s automated alert system that would immediately inform their care managers when one of their patients was admitted to or discharged from any area hospital. The alert is transmitted through the groundbreaking direct protocols and allows care managers to have immediate and secure access to the information they need. Collaboration between MHIN and SBC ensured the alerts would provide care coordinators with the information that would be most useful in responding to the alerts.

“Our transitions of care initiatives would not be as successful without the MHIN Health Radar solution. MHIN was dedicated to our vision and worked tirelessly to ensure that the technology could work at its optimal level, informing us of urgent hospital encounters in real time. The result is a care management program we are proud of—one where we can truly say that our patients and their immediate needs are our top priority.” -South Bend Clinic

Today, the cultivation of the Health Radar solution at SBC is invaluable to their care management team. Through advanced insight into admission and discharge data being transmitted through the MHIN HIE from several area hospitals, care coordinators are readily able to help patients when they need it most—in the midst of a transition from one care setting to another. Through this partnership, the patient experience is improved, and the community can collectively focus on reduction of preventable readmissions to the hospital, helping community members to get healthy and stay healthy.


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