Will you help our heroes?

This September 1st, MHIN will link up with the Veteran’s Affairs VLER system so veterans can improve their continuity of care across multiple health systems. 75% of Veterans who use the VA also use a community care provider. It’s time to link up. For clinical partners, MHIN offers this service at no cost to you. Learn more below or register for a lunch’n’learn.


As a MHIN / VA partner, you will save time, money, and lives.

Continuity of Care
Support and maintain the continuity of care for Veterans.
Quality Care
Contribute to more informed care decisions.
Rapid Access
Enhance healthcare quality through rapid access to shared info.
Eliminate Repeat Tests
Eliminate and reduce repeat tests and procedures.
Improve Speed
Improve speed and efficiency of care.
Reduce Errors
Reduce medical errors and improve patient safety.

Are you ready to pitch in for our Veterans? Take these steps to get started…

  1. Contact MHIN and let us know you’re all in for Veterans. We’ll help you walk through to steps to get your account VA-ready.
  2. Attend a lunch’n’learn at the MHIN office to get a full overview of the program and a mini-training session. MHIN staff will be on-site to answer your initial questions and address concerns.
  3. Begin outreach to your Veteran patients by informing them of the program and encouraging them to sign the required consent form.



Frequently Asked Questions

When veterans sign the VA Form 10-0485, participating community care providers can securely view certain Veteran health information through the eHealth Exchange. VA health information shared with community health providers includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • A list of health problems
  • Allergies Medications
  • Vital signs
  • Immunizations
  • Chemistry and hematology reports
  • Discharge summaries
  • Medical history
  • Records of physicals
  • Procedure results (e.g., X-ray reports)
  • Progress notes

Community health partners will not have access to mental health records or diagnoses.

Veterans can connect to their doctors across health systems by signing a VHIE (Veteran’s Health Information Exchance) consent form online, in person, or through mail.

  1. ONLINE: Go to https://www.ebenefits.va.gov, login, and click “Manage Health.” Then go through the steps when you click the link “Share your VA Medical Records.” You will be prompted to login and manage your consent authorizations and preferences.
  2. BY MAIL: Download and print the VA consent (authorization) form (VA Form 10-0485). Then mail it to “Release of Information Office” at your local VAMC
  3. IN PERSON:  Visit the Release of Information (ROI) Office at your local VAMC. Ask for and complete the VA consent (authorization) form (VA Form 10-0485)

More information is available on the VA “Connect Your Docs” website.

Sharing electronic health records will help reduce the need for patients and families to carry records between health care providers. By signing the authorization form to “Connect Your Docs,” both the VA and the designated participating community care providers can securely access and share information about allergies, chronic health problems, medications, some lab results and more. This will also eliminate or reduce the likelihood of repeat tests and procedures which could save time and improve the speed of care.

Veteran authorization is required before VA can release “confidential” health information. Authorization allows VA to share veteran health information between VA and participating community health care providers. The consent lasts for five years.

Click here for access to the consent form. 

MHIN is providing the infrastructure, training, and support of this service FREE to our clinical partners. As an effort to improve population health of our community, we are always looking for ways to reach disparate groups of people and improve our service offerings.

Please consider attending a free lunch’n’learn on July 26 or August 7 to learn more and have live support to ask questions and review the software upgrade within Community View.

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