MHIN continually forges innovative solutions to provide access to information to improve health outcomes.


In 2018 MHIN…


  1. Launched a new project with South Bend Fire Department to support their Community Paramedicine initiative to reduce readmissions.
  2. Established a partnership with Halo Communications to offer their Halo Messaging secure texting service.
  3. Participated in a project with the City of South Bend to support the community efforts to identify high risk children for lead screenings.
  4. Participated in various community discussions about technology resources and tools that could help with the opioid crisis.
  5. Went live with connectivity to the Department of Veterans Affairs so that users of the MHIN Community View can access patient data from the VA and users at the VA can access patient data from MHIN.
  6. Achieved EHNAC re-certification demonstrating our compliance with privacy and security industry standards.
  7. Analyzed the rate of duplicate persons in our database and implemented some new logic improvements to patient matching.
  8. Achieved outstanding ratings on our Customer Survey. 92% of customers are satisfied or extremely satisfied with our Customer Service support team.
  9. Developed on-demand educational resources for MHIN Community View users that will be released in 2019.