(1) Strengthened MHIN’s security posture through continual enhancements in technology and staff education.


(2) Explored innovation in user access to MHIN data as a supplement to the traditional user account login method.


(3) Launched the MHIN Population Health platform, HealtheIntent, to help providers zero in and narrow gaps in care.


(4) Formed partnership with the Social Security Administration to authorize automated queries of patient information in formal benefits application processes.


(5) Completed technical requirements to exchange data with the Veterans Health Information Exchange through the Department of Veterans Affairs.


(6) Began exchanging bi-directional ADTs regionally with four states in the Midwest to fulfill baseline goals of the national Patient Centered Data Home (PCDH) project.


(7) Joined the HIE trade organization SHIEC (Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative) which allows us to benchmark with 55 other HIES across the country.


(8) Fortified MHIN HIE data with official birth and death vital records from the State of Indiana.


(9) Established data sharing relationships with Indiana 2-1-1 and Indiana’s Homeless Management Information System to support the contribution of data related to social determinants of health.