Care Coordination
Simplifying the Patient Recordkeeping Process

Know exactly what to expect when your patients transition from one care setting to the next.

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Save time and improve the patient experience as they move through the care continuum.


When a patient transfers from one facility to another, our Care Coordination solutions suite offers a variety of technology and communication tools that better manage the transfer of that patient’s information.


With Health Radar, physicians and care coordinators receive notice when patients are admitted or discharged so they can follow up and provide the necessary care.


Your facility will know how to care for each individual patient by electronically receiving the most relevant information on their current needs. Because the information is readily available and intuitively formatted, you can focus on the person’s care rather than searching for missing pieces of critical information.


With all Care Coordination solutions built on top of HL7 Messages and/or Direct Messages, you can be assured that the technology will work with your internal EHR system, streamlining your workflow and user experience.

Care Coordination Features

  • Transferring patient records simplifies recordkeeping
  • Facilities know what to expect with each incoming patient
  • Patients don’t have to fill out same forms over and over
  • MHIN Health Radar informs physicians when patient is admitted or discharged
  • Gives providers immediate access to critical information
  • Record transfers done in HIPAA-compliant secure environment
  • Accessible from any computer with internet access
  • On-site personalized training
  • 24/7 front-line help desk support

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Provide Care Faster With Advanced Access to Completed Records

Many of the most critical moments in healthcare occur immediately before, during, or after a patient’s transition. While essential to the treatment and recovery process, a patient transition can be overwhelming, clunky, and straining for patients and healthcare providers alike.

By maintaining, coordinating, and transferring patient records for you, MHIN frees up staff to spend time caring for patients. Whether a patient is transitioning to a skilled nursing or rehab facility, to hospice or long-term acute care, or back home, our Care Coordination solutions ensure that the care team is fully engaged and communicating with one another – without creating more work for individual providers.

With our Health Radar system, we also notify physicians when their patients are admitted or discharged from a care facility. This keeps the physician up-to-date on the patient’s status so they can plan to follow up accordingly.

Most importantly, the record transfers are done in a secure environment so they meet all HIPAA requirements to protect patient confidentiality.

Customer Success Story

"MHIN has gone above and beyond to fully understand the healthcare landscape of our community, and as a result, has been able to build collaborative and productive relationships to improve local health outcomes."

Kari Tarman
Manager, Marketing, Communications & Volunteer Services

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