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How We Keep Your Healthcare Technology Healthy

Providing advice, guidance, and expertise on your health technology.

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From new government regulations to system upgrades to internal system integration and troubleshooting, our expert team will help you maximize your use of data and technology. By assisting with all aspects of your IT infrastructure, we simplify and streamline your ability to take full advantage of the healthcare information we make available to you.

Software and Network Optimization

Need help with new EHR or system software for your facility, or upgrading your existing tools or networks? We offer suggestions and right steps to take for implementation, workflow modification, and integration, so that your systems operate at their most effective level.

IT Services

Don’t let the pains of technology prevent you from participating in your HIE. No matter where you land on the technology adoption spectrum today, we make your next step easy by assisting you in the entire process, making connecting to MHIN a hassle-free task.

Advice on Healthcare Issues

Stay current with new healthcare laws, regulations, and programs that directly affect your business and your patients with the resources we make available to you.

Benefits of Healthcare IT Consulting Services

  • IT infrastructure design
  • Network installation
  • Decades of health technology expertise
  • Information resource on technology and healthcare issues
  • On-site personalized training and workflow optimization assistance
  • 24/7 front-line help desk support

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Why We’re Your Complete Healthcare IT Resource

Having immediate access to vital patient information is essential for providing the correct treatment and medications. It can even be the difference between life and death.

That’s why you need an effective information technology system in place. Healthcare IT is our specialty, so we can ensure your system helps you provide the best care possible.

Should you want a new computer network installed, or to update your current system, we’ll advise you on what’s needed for your particular facility. We’ll even design a customized system so you’ll be connected in the right way to access data from MHIN. Plus, we can often help with the physical installation, integration, and implementation of your system so it functions properly for your entire team and allows you to focus on the care you provide.

Because of our unique access to a vast range of industry resources, we can serve as your consultant on matters relating to fast-changing regulations, technology, programs, analytics software, and more.

For any questions you have about healthcare technology and the healthcare industry, we have your answers.

Customer Success Story

"We rely on the MHIN team to help us pave the way to great healthcare. Their customer support team responds quickly and always thinks ahead to address concerns before they become problems."

Dr. Matthew Koscielski

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