The Medical Foundation

The Medical Foundation opened in 1912 as a small operation with a bold and expansive vision. Over 100 years later, The Medical Foundation is one of the largest and most respected medical laboratories in the country and is continually committed to cutting edge technology in diagnostic services. As a non-profit entity, The Medical Foundation is a community asset determined to provide only the highest quality services for their providers, clients, and the community at-large.

Throughout time, both technology and transportation have had a major effect on the way The Medical Foundation distributes its lab results. From bicycle courier service in the early days to fax lines with analog lines in more recent times – the effort to transfer lab results to the provider and ultimately into a patient’s hands was costly, burdensome, and time consuming. In 1998, as a founding partner of the health information exchange (HIE), The Medical Foundation worked with MHIN to deliver lab results electronically to providers in the Community Data Repository (CDR). For the first time in history, providers who accessed the CDR from the HIE became able to receive laboratory results instantly, securely, and in an easily searchable format.

Today, this partnership is more important and stronger than ever. Beyond electronically routing lab results to the CDR, MHIN now routes thousands of lab orders and results through electronic interfaces to and from over 60 different independent EHR systems. The Medical Foundation depends on MHIN to ensure that all routing of lab information is done securely, efficiently, and in real time to physician offices and hospitals across Indiana and Michigan. The Medical Foundation President, Joyce Simpson, MD, serves on the MHIN Board of Directors and sees the MHIN HIE essential to the high quality of healthcare in our community. “This partnership allows providers what they need to piece together a comprehensive view of their patient’s health. Our partnership with MHIN allows us to be an integral part of that puzzle.  It expands our ability to reach our clients and impact patient care.” With readily available medical insights on patients, health trends, relevant medical histories, and more, physicians are better prepared to make informed decisions on care for each patient.

Patients and providers using MHIN have access to real-time results that can be quickly shared and analyzed to provide the best care possible, as fast as possible. In a world when receiving an accurate diagnosis could be a matter of life and death, timing is everything.

The foundational partnership between MHIN and The Medical Foundation is the cornerstone to the success and strength of our nationally renowned Health Information Exchange.